Application and Interview

Apply Online

For the initial application, you will need to answer a few biographical questions, including why you are interested in the AYC program, as well as submit two documents:

  • Resume: Include a tailored resume with all past teaching experience or leadership roles you have had in an academic context (ex. tutor, teaching assistant, counselor, etc.)

  • Cover Letter: Tell us what you hope to bring to the table as a TEFL teacher and cultural ambassador in China. You may simply address the cover letter towards AYC Team.


After reviewing your application, qualified candidates will be contacted to set up an interview.

The interview will consist of multiple biographical and behavioral questions relating to your  interest in China and your background, along with situational questions about how you would respond in certain scenarios. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and share your goals with us.

AYC staff will make a decision regarding your candidacy as quickly as possible; usually within a week of your interview. Follow-up interviews are scheduled as needed. Accepted applicants will receive an email with further instructions.

Round 1

If you’ve received an acceptance letter, congratulations! You’ve got both feet on the path to Educational Ambassadorship. One stage down… three to go.

Supporting Documents

In your acceptance letter, we’ll provide instructions on how to obtain and submit each of the following supporting documents:

  • A scan of your diploma

  • A digital scan of your passport photo page

  • A 2x2 inch passport-style photo (digital and professional, on a white background)

  • A local background check (conducted within the past 6 months by local or county police)

  • Physical Examination Record (PER) completed and signed by your physician with his/her stamp or seal

  • Completed personality profile with digital photos of you to support your profile

You will also receive information on the document authentication process required by the Chinese government. Stay in touch and watch for deadlines. The sooner you submit these documents, the sooner we can get the ball rolling, activate your online TEFL course, and match you with a host school.

Round 2

Now that we’ve reviewed your Round 1 supporting documents, you’re well on your way to being placed at one of our partner schools! At this point, you will receive a welcome package with further instructions regarding:

  • Online TEFL Training

  • Host School Placement

  • Educational Ambassador Agreement


Congratulations on completing your TEFL coursework and receiving a placement. It is time to get you your legal status in China.  With our partners in Shanghai, we will help navigate you through the process of getting both your work permit and your work visa for China:

  • Your Work Permit

  • Your Work Visa

  • Transportation & Orientation

  • On-site TEFL Training and Certification

  • Your Residence Permit

The AYC team will guide you, step-by-step, ensuring a smooth transition into China. Once you have secured a Work Visa, you will have officially passed Round 3!

Beyond Round 3, AYC provides orientation and training as well as year-round logistical, administrative, academic, and emergency support.