• Epinal Way, Loughborough LE11 3TU, UK

The Ambassador Year in China Programme was delighted to be welcomed to a Spring Festival celebration at the University of Loughborough Language Centre on 15th February.

This superb event arranged by the language centre, with 20 attendees for the AYC workshop, included stimulating activities such as paper cutting, calligraphy, shuttlecock-kicking, as well as making delicious 'jiaozi' dumplings (with a vegetarian option available).

Students who were already learning Mandarin Chinese, with a proven interest in Chinese and East Asian cultures, attended the Ambassador Year in China workshop while waiting for the dumplings to cook. The Ambassador Year in China workshop featured a guided tour of China, a brief overview of the AYC programme and a stimulating video offering insights into living and working at Chinese schools as well as the chance to ask questions and contribute to a fruitful discussion.

Loughborough staff members, including experienced teachers of Mandarin Chinese, made valuable contributions to the event.

The Ambassador Year in China Programme would like to thank the director of the language centre, Dr Yvonne Cornejo, for hosting this wonderful Chinese cultural event and inviting AYC to participate.
The 14 students (undergraduate and postgraduate) who attended the presentation showed a keen interest in aspects of Chinese and East Asian cultures, asked insightful questions, and made valued contributions to discussions.