My name is Sarah Minkoff and I was part of the 2014-2015 AYC cohort.  I was placed in Foshan down in southern China and absolutely loved it there!  It was considered a smaller city, which by US standards was still massive, but it was a good size for me.  I left after that first year to meet my nephews who were both born while I was away.  

Unfortunately, while ready for a break I wasn't ready to leave China for good.  After returning to the US, I got a job teaching preschool and stayed for almost a year, but soon I was longing for the life I left behind in China.  

One day, I saw a message from an old friend looking for English teachers in Foshan.  I jumped on the offer and signed a contract for another 6 months in China.  It was at a new school in a new area of the city, but a lot of my old friends were there and I made many more.  I was able to accomplish what I hadn't done the first time, see places I didn't get to, and practice my Chinese.  

By the end of the 6 months I was ready to go home and find something more stable.  While I love to travel and plan to do more in the future, I also know that my family is here and I don't want to miss too much more of my nephews lives.  

I'm back working at my old preschool and in line for several promotions!  After my time spent in China, I've decided to pursue culture diversity training to help the next generation of Americans be more culturally responsible.

Ameson Year in China opened up a whole new world for me.  I gained confidence in my self and achieved things I never would have dreamed I could.  I traveled around Asia, learned a language, and made friends from all over the world.  While I had my ups and downs I would recommend AYC to everyone!

Ameson Year in China (AYC) is a unique opportunity for university graduates to spend a year teaching, learning, and making a difference at public schools across China by becoming Educational Ambassadors. Participants experience the challenges and unique rewards of immersion into one of the world’s fastest developing economic and cultural landscapes. Have the experience of a lifetime, and apply now!