While participating in the AYC program, I began filming an ethnographic series on the experiences of expatriates of African descent called Black In China 黑人 在 中国. I was finally able to finish editing it and published while living in Qatar.

After leaving Shenzhen, I lived in Germany and Qatar. After leaving Qatar in May 2015, I was able to secure my current position as the Program Manager of the Bowie State University China Scholarship Initiative. This opportunity has been a great way for me as an alumnus of Bowie State to pay forward my experience and opportunity to live and a work in China. I have lead this program since its inception and so far 60 Bowie State University students, have had the opportunity to study abroad in China as a part of the scholarship program. Additionally, I am an adjunct professor in the Bowie State Department of Behavioral Sciences & Human Services teaching sociology courses. My most popular course is one I designed entitled "the Sociology of Hip Hop."

Also Black In China 黑人 在 中国 developed a following, which lead to me filming and releasing a second season. We are currently in production of the third season. In the summer I and AYC alum Ashley Evangelista had the opportunity to present our research on East Asian Hip Hop culture at the 1st Annual International Hip Hop Studies Conference held at the University of Cambridge (UK).

IHHSC presentation.jpg

What I learned most from my time living in Shenzhen is I have the power to shape my experiences.