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Pictures speak louder than words. And people from behind the Great Fire Wall have amazing stories to tell! Here's the short list of 15 amazing Chinese Instagram accounts you should follow, whether you want free Chinese-learning flash cards, travel inspiration, or Chinese food porn. 

China-fy your social media and get inspired! 


photos from @instaideogram

photos from @instaideogram

HSK Prep:

HSK is a Chinese proficiency exam, that shows Chinese language level of non-native speakers. It is not uncommon to refer to a standard or level of proficiency by the HSK level number, or score. There are 6 levels, with HSK1 being the easiest, and HSK6 for most advanced. 

@bamboochee - great for character recognition

@yourmandarin - easy ways to learn phrases and idioms

@bitesizedchinese - free HSK prep. They mix it up, and include radical explanations!

@instaideogram - pinyin made easy; each image is color-organized by beginner, intermediate, and advanced HSK level, as shown above

@chineseskill_official - this account uses categories to teach words in clusters. Examples include “I like to eat…” “I have a pet…”. They also have a free smartphone app, you can download it here


photos from @chinglish_signs

photos from @chinglish_signs

Get Cultured

@chinglish_signs - the most humorous Chinese to English signage documented, as shown above

@cn_create -stay up to date on the emerging art scene in China, especially Shanghai

@cctv official news Instagram of China. They upload photos in bulk from all across China

photos from @leng_vision

photos from @leng_vision

@ loves_china - visually stunning images from across the country

@chinadestinations -more stunning photos to fuel your wanderlust

@chinatrips -even more stunning wanderlust-inducing photos

@eyesonchinaproject - this photographer collective created an account to challenge each other. It has a bit of a photojournalism feel

@leng_vision - a deaf Shanghainese photographer shares his amazing visual storytelling. See the photos above!

@meiweisichuan -Sichuan food porn

photos from @meiweisichuan

photos from @meiweisichuan


Last but not least... us!

@goayc - be sure to follow our account and stay up to date with the community of EAs!

photos from @goayc

photos from @goayc

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