Sean Hayes is currently teaching in Guangzhou. Like many AYC'ers he visited the Ice Festival in Harbin during his Spring Festival break, but by the time he left he was engaged! Read up on his magical proposal:

“I have a very interesting, and I think unique, story to tell about my Christmas and Spring Festival break.  I’m not sure if anyone at all except my own friends and family know this, but I’m very happy to share it with others who may become inspired by my story.  I recently took my girlfriend, who lives and works in Tianjin, on a trip to Harbin in the far north of China.  We had a marvelous time viewing all the sights, as well as visiting the famous Harbin Ice and Snow World, which was almost entirely composed of breathtaking ice sculptures.  Even the buildings were made out of ice!  It was amazing.  Even more amazing though is what happened in front of the Russian cathedral, St. Sophia’s, where my girlfriend of over two years became my new fiancé. Yes, I asked my girlfriend to marry me. It was like something out of a fairy tale.  Everything had been just perfect, right down to the falling snow and beautiful music being played by the church in the background.  After Harbin, there was my visit to my fiance’s home town were we spent the entire break visiting her extended family and telling everyone on her side the good news.  I enjoyed every moment of visiting my future Chinese family.  After our vacation, my fiancé and I returned to our respective cities to resume working.”

Congratulations to Sean Hayes and his new fiance! Who says that dreams can’t come true in China!