• Durham DH1, UK

Globetrotting author Bill Bryson once described Durham as a "perfect little city" and added: "If you have never been to Durham, go there at once.  Take my car.  It's wonderful."

It certainly was.  Ambassador Year in China agreed wholeheartedly with Bryson's judgment during the programme's first, memorable visit to the historic city and university on 5th March for an Ambassador Year in China presentation and discussion.

When Bill Bryson heaped praise on Durham in Notes from a Small Island, little did he know that he would one day serve as Chancellor of Durham University (today, his portrait hangs in the impressive Bill Bryson Library).

The Ambassador Year in China team would like to offer warm thanks to Durham University for being such wonderful hosts on 5th March.

There was palpable enthusiasm for cultural exchange and AYC.  Like Bill Bryson, we have become fans of Durham and would love to return...  We also look forward to bringing the rich culture of Durham to Chinese schools and communities with the help of EAs (educational ambassadors).