The Ameson Year in China is a unique experience to help jumpstart a teaching career abroad or from home.  AYC gives its educational ambassadors the ability to teach in a public school without requiring two years of prior experience, unlike most competitors.  This is one of the key advantages of AYC, and in this blog, I’ll talk about the advantages to teaching in a public-school system.

Better Hours

A training center is an after-school program that students enroll in for additional English lessons and practice.  This means that working at a training center will lead to working longer and more inconvenient hours.  You’re often required to work weekends and late evenings, as that’s when students finish the school day.  At AYC, the teachers usually have around a 20 hour work week.  However, at training centers teachers will generally have a 30+ hour work week.

AYC is a Non-Profit

AYC is a non-profit organization, so we care about the success of the teachers and students rather than for-profit.  AYC revenue goes to our own charity programs, some of which help Chinese students enroll in school.  Training Centers are for profit, so they care more about their bottom line than whether or not their students are getting the best education.  It feels good to know that you’re getting a better program while also fighting for a good cause: global exchange and education.

Additionally, public schools allow you to work with student who can’t afford to go to a training center.  Many AYC students don’t have the money to learn English, even though it is critical to success in the future.  Working at AYC allows you to teach English to children who want to learn but they don’t have the means to.

Future Careers

When applying for a future job in China or back in your home country, working at a public school abroad gives you deep cultural engagement and more relevant life experience. Doing good work for those less-fortunate students shows a commitment to others’ well being, a global mindset, and development in flexibility, adaptability, and cooperation: all amazing things to add to a resume. Working at a public school through AYC advances your future career, with less working hours you can look ahead to figure out your next steps after the programs’ completion.

This is a look at just a few reasons why teaching through a public school is more beneficial than through a training center.  At AYC we give all teachers a job in the public-school system, as it’s the best way build a career while teaching students to speak English confidently.  To learn more about the AYC program, click the link here.