China is a vast country, containing many languages, cultures, and cities.  To fully experience mainland China, you should travel to different cities and areas.  The best way to travel throughout China is to use the train system: this system is one of the largest train systems in the world.  Put together, the train system in China would encircle the world twice.

In most large countries, flying or driving a long distance is the only way you can reach different parts of the country.  In China, bullet trains are an affordable and fast way to travel.  高铁 (gao tie), or bullet trains, can reach speeds of 200 mph, so the trips are much shorter than by taking a car or a bus.

Here’s a map of the transit system.  As you can see, the transit system stretches to most parts of China.  If you want to learn more about the transit system click the link here.  Click the links to learn more about the AYC Program's history, or benefits of coming to China through AYC, or apply now

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